Contraception access

July 7, 2018

One third of women in the UK are unable to access contraception from their preferred source 1. Women should be able to access all methods of contraception from all settings but this in reality is not often the case.

Contraception can be accessed through a variety of sources. The most common is through a GP (General Practitioner); according to Public Health England this is the case for 6 out of 10 women. Another less commonly used source is through retail or online. Sexual health and community clinics are mainly used by younger and more disadvantaged populations. It is these disadvantaged women who are less likely to access contraception and preconception care altogether.

Women should be able to choose their preferred method of contraception free from the pressure of health professionals pushing their personal preferences. Finding the best method of contraception for you gives you the power to control your reproductive and sexual life.

To find a clinic with your preferred method contraception or for advice on contraception you can go on our clinic finder section in the useful links page.

For more information about the different types of contraception available and where to find them:

If you are currently experiencing an unplanned pregnancy and considering abortion you are not alone. Abortion is available for free to those part of the NHS but can also be paid for privately. For more information:

To find the right clinic for you, near you:


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