Dr Hall on the ‘It All Starts Here’ Podcast

July 14, 2023

Dr Hall was invited to be a guest on “It All Starts Here”, the UCL Institute for Women’s Health Podcast, hosted by Olivia Moir.

The podcast aims to increase awareness and knowledge of reproductive science and women’s health, by discussing critical topics with experts in an easy-to-understand way. Previous episodes have discussed the placenta, egg freezing and fertility education.

In the fifth episode of the podcast, titled “Mind the Gap”, Dr Hall is talking about bridging the gap between sexual and reproductive health services and antenatal care. She discusses numerous findings from the P3 Study.

For more information on the topics discussed within the podcast, read our other blogs on the evaluation of the Desire to Avoid Pregnancy (DAP) Scale and the comparison of the DAP Scale with other measure of pregnancy preferences. You can also watch our short video on pregnancy planning, or learn more about Orchid, the app we are developing to help people take control of their reproductive health. 

Listen to the podcast here (or on your preferred podcast streaming platform).