P3 study recruiting for patient and public involvement group

July 14, 2021

The P3 Study is now recruiting women to join a patient and public involvement group. This group will play a key role in how the next stages of the study are designed, how we interpret our results, and what research we carry out in the future.

What is patient and public involvement?

Patient and public involvement (also known as PPI) in research is vital as your input can help shape the research that we do, how it is done and how we understand what the findings mean. You can find out more about what PPI is here: https://www.nihr.ac.uk/patients-carers-and-the-public/i-want-to-help-with-research/

Who can join?

Membership of the patient and public involvement (PPI) group for the P3 Study is open to anyone with the potential to become pregnant, regardless of desire to become pregnant, current pregnancy status or number of children, sexuality, gender or problems with fertility. You don’t need any particular experience.

We would really welcome members from non-White ethnic groups or who have not been to university to ensure we are able to represent the spectrum of experiences and opinions.

We would like people who can commit to joining for a minimum of one year.

What does the PPI group do?

The P3 Study PPI group will be a small group of around 12 people. There will be around 4 meetings a year, which could be virtual or in person.

The kinds of things that the group will do include reviewing summaries of the research or documents intended for research participants, such as information sheets. We will look for the input of the group on how we are designing certain aspects of the study and, when it comes to it, how we interpret what the results mean and how we can use our findings to improve women’s health.

What’s in it for me?

As a member of the PPI group there are several benefits to you, including the ability to shape research in this important area of women’s health. You will have the opportunity to access training to support you in your PPI work and may wish to take on a role such as PPI representative on the project steering committee which could provide useful experience for your CV. We would offer reimbursement for your time and other reasonable expenses.

I’m interested, what should I do? If you are interested please email the team on p3-study@ucl.ac.uk