Recruitment for the second stage of the P3 study is now complete!

October 24, 2018

Thank you so much to everyone who has signed up for the study, and for sharing the information with your friends – about a quarter of women heard about the study from friends or colleagues, so it’s great to know you were happy to recommend the study to others.

We have 1000 women aged 15 to menopause taking part from all over the country. We’ve already started inviting some of you to complete the 2 week follow up, and look forward to staying in touch with the rest of you over the next 12 months.

We would like to apologise for the delay some of you have experienced in the delivery of the Amazon vouchers. When we placed the first order Amazon’s system was down but they did not notify us. We had to redo all the orders (and that’s a lot of vouchers!) – most have now been sent out and the rest should be sent out this week.