The Contraception Choices website: A website to help you find a contraceptive method to suit your needs

March 11, 2019

About the website

There are many methods of contraception available and there’s no perfect method, which can make it difficult to choose between them.

The Contraception Choices website ( recognises that people have different needs and preferences when it comes to choosing contraception. It is designed to help women and couples decide which method of contraception might suit them best. The website provides honest information on the advantages and disadvantages of each method, and tackles concerns directly.

The Contraceptive Choices website was developed by a team of doctors, nurses and researchers from University College London in collaboration with women. The design team learned from psychological and sexual health research, and asked women for their views and experiences of contraception.


The website features



The Contraception Choices website believes that…

  • Women and men have a right to honest, straightforward information about contraception and sexual health
  • It’s women’s choice whether and when to get pregnant
  • It’s up to women to decide which method of contraception suits them
  • Choosing and using a contraception method is complicated – doctors and nurses should listen to women, and help them to work out what’s right for them
  • We believe in a positive approach to sexual health (celebrating pleasure, choice and sexual rights)


How Contraception Choices advice should be used

The Contraception Choices website makes suggestions for contraception methods, based on preferences that women enter online. These suggestions are not treatment recommendations – for most methods, women will need to get advice from a doctor or nurse who will check things like medical history, family history, and blood pressure, height, and weight before prescribing the contraception.



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