Women’s Reproductive Health Survey

September 12, 2023

The UK government has officially launched the Women’s Reproductive Health Survey.

This survey aims to gather women’s views across England on issues such as periods, contraception, fertility, pregnancy and the menopause.

This survey is being run by the Department of Health and Social Care and the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine. It forms part of the Women’s Health Strategy; a 10-year strategy aimed at improving health experiences and outcomes for women in England.

Women in England are being encouraged to complete the survey and share their experiences on a range of reproductive health issues in order to help to shape reproductive health policy; findings from the survey will be used to better understand women’s reproductive health experiences and the information collected will go on to inform both policy and practice.

Women’s Health Ambassador Professor Dame Lesley Regan said:

We need to make healthcare work for women and girls – and for it to fit around their lives. There’s no point bolstering services if they cannot be accessed, or the support available does not work for them and meet their needs.”

That’s why we’re asking women and girls to share their experience, whether it’s about periods, menopause or endometriosis. We need your voice to shape a new system of healthcare that gives women what they need

The survey is open to all women in England aged between 16 and 55 and will run for six weeks from Thursday 7th September 2023. If you want to share your experiences and views, you can complete the survey here.